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Asthma, COPD, Hayfever, and other respiratory conditions

Due to salt's anti-inflammatory and mucolytic (mucus loosening) properties, it has been shown to be effective at treating many respiratory conditions and can vastly reduce symptoms.

  • Salt helps expand the airways by reducing inflammation, thus making it easier for a patient to breath more easily

  • Salt's anti-inflammatory effects help sooth and reduce the symptoms of colds and flu, including blocked sinuses, sore throats, coughs and breathlessness

  • Due to the mucolytic effects, the lungs and airways are able to be cleared of stubborn phlegm and mucus

  • Salt helps to lower IgE levels (immune systems sensitivity), which helps build a natural resistance to allergies

  • Salt helps to kill bacteria and its anti-pathogenic effects assist with eradicating the viruses that are often responsible for colds and chest infections.

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